BURMA. A small group of invitations connected with the 1st Anniversary of Independence 1949


BURMA. A little group of invitations to Mrs John Nicoll all of which have been somewhat affected by damp but are sound, some with marks on the verso where they have been tipped into an old album.     Five items. aug9/1         These comprise:

Chairman and mmbers of the Celebration Committee for the Ftrst Anniversary of the Independence of Burma. To a banquet at the City Hall, 6th January 1949.  6½ x 4½ ins.

The Sawbwa and Mahadevi of Mong Mit. To  Dinner at 15 Windermere Cresecent, 7th January 1949.  5½ x 4½ ins.

Six Boxwallahs. To the Kohine Swimming Club Ti Bid Farewell to Major General and Mrs G. K. Bourne. 29th December 1948. For Dancing, Buffet Supper, Swimming, 4½ x 3½ ins.

First Anniversary. Indelenddence Day. Indepenence Banquet. City Hall 6th January 1949 1p.m.  Folded card  7 x 4 ins opening to reveal a menu and list of toasts.

The Chinese Ambassador and Mrs Tu. At the Chinese Embassy, 36 Inyo Road for Dinner 16th Feb [1949]  6 x 4½ ins.

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