Captain A. W. L.. D.S.O. A letter from the Adjutant General. India May 1891


A letter written in a secretarial hand and stamped in red Confidential dated Mahableshwar 28th May 1891 from the Adjutant General, signed on his behalf by a D.A.G. Colonel advising Captain Bayley, a D.A.A.G in Mhow that he has been given a good recommendation in the Annual Confidential Reporst for 1890. It is written on a single folio page, 13 x 8 ins, with the usual fold marks.

Major General Sir Alfred William Lambert BAYLEY, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.S.I. [1856-1928] joined the 108th Regt in 1874, serving in the Bombay Staff Corps. He commanded the 26th Bombay (Baluchistan) Regt. from 1896 having served in Burma and later in tdhe 2nd Afghan War, the Sudan, South Africa &c. He was Colonel of the 126th Baluchistan Infantry and later an A.D.C. to the King.  Cuttings of his biography are included.

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