DEWAS. Postcard sized copy photo of a Rajah wearing royal medals


DEWAS. A postcard sized portrait made from an old photograph of one of the Rajas of Dewas wearing a typical Mahratta style of turba and sporting the two large Britsh medals  goven to some important Indian princes on thr occasion of the 1875 Royal Tout of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales in 1875 and the Imperial Assemblage at Delhu in 1877 when Victoria was declared Empress of India. This is an interesting reference photograph. The 1875 was fairly limited in its award and not often seen being worn by princes. Both these medals were given with long lengths of ribbon so that they could be worn round the neck but this Rafa has chosen to wear them as one would wear British campaign medals. Neither medal was intended for wear in uniform by British officers ort officials.     jul24/1

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