Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, 33rd & 76th Foot. Colours and piled drums


The large photograph, 11½ x 9½ ins, is double mounted and backed with strong board and has some discoluration in parts where there has been some light or damp penetration through some former framing. The overall size is about 18 x 14 ins. The photographer is Fred Wright, AndoverThe regimental colours of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment are piled in traditional style in front of the colours, the right hand one clearly showing the earlier regimental number LXXVI Regt. The drums particularly show the battle honour HINDOOSTAN marking the regiment’s long service in India from the late 18th century and the much later PAARDEBERG from the South African war of 1900-02. The photograph probably dates from shortly after the South African war. A silver representation of the Iron Duke on horseback sits proudly in front of the drums. The regiment’s territorial relations were with the West Riding of Yorkshire.       oct1/1

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