East India Register 1828, 2nd edition corrected to May 1828


The East India Register and Directory for 1828; containing complete Lists of the Company’s Servants, with their respective Appointments; with Indexes to the Same, and Lists of Casualties….Births, Marriages and Deaths in India…List of the Proprietors of East India qualified to vote … compiled by Permission of the East India Company…by A. W. Mason, Geo. Owen, and G. H. Brown of the Secretary’s Office, East India House. 2nd Edition corrected to May 1828.  Parbury, Allen, and Co. [London] 1828 small 8vo.

Lacking the title page and page xvii/xviii [copies of these pages from our reference copy can be sent to the purchaser and are shown in our illustrations here], folding table of shipping for seasons 1826-27 & 1827-28, folding pay table, lxx, 607pp including 4pp casualties (Bengal), 2pp casualties (Madras), 3pp casualties (Bombay & St Helena]. Late 20th century full red leather,  apart from the two leaves noted as missing the text block is clean and unmarked by annotation, one gathering towards the end of the volume is partly loose from the stitching. Fully indexed lists of all serving and retired officers in the three Presidency armies, together with lists of civil servants, Indian Navy officers (down to Midshipmen), government officials, etc. A feature of the Register is the list of annual casualties with date and place of death, etc. This volume, published when the Earl Amherst was Governor General and Viscount Combermere the Commander-in-chief lists the army as it was shortly after the 1st Burma War. jun2/1

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