Enamelled military campaign medals


Afghanistan and other original campaign medals connected with India or the East India Company which have been enamelled. The example shown was probably enamelled in late Victorian times. This medal was issued for the 2nd Afghan War and the reverse is splendidly enamelled in multiple colours. The second illusration shows the obverse of this medal, which is fitted into a silver brooch in which the medal swivels so that either obverse or reverse could be shown. The other illustration shows an ordinary example of the same medal.

I wish to buy other examples of any East India Company medals or later campaign medals for my own collection, particularly for any of the Indian capaigns or others where the Indian Army was involved. The latest exxample I have seen is a George V general service medal but that was enamelled on the obverse. I think the majority of these medals were enamelled between about 1879 and 1914 but it is possible that some were produced later. They are far scarcer than the enamelled coins made using the same techniques.        If you have any examples you are considering selling I would love to hear from you by telephone, text, or email. If telephoning please note that I do not use the answer phone services.          Jeffery Bates