INDIAN MUTINY. Contemporary account by a cavalry officer at Meerut, Delhi, & Lucknow


Mackenzie, Colonel A. R. D.. C.B., Hony. A. D. C. to The Viceroy.: Mutiny Memoirs being Personal Reminiscences of the Great Sepoy Revolt of 1857. The Pioneer Press [Allahabad] 1892 2nd edition 8vo [7¾ x 5¼ ins].

Frontispiece and 6 other plates of views of ruins, [x], 213pp, v Index, ii Reviews of the 1st edition of the previous year. 1891. Original black half leather gilt bevelled boards, generally worn with tear to spine, the title page and a few following pages have been neatly re-fixed, contents sound, a few stains to a small number of pages. The book is based on articles which appeared in the Pioneer Press.   Ladendorf 321

ColoneI Alfred Robert Davidson Mackenzie, C.B.  was born in 1835, Mackenzie entered the Bengal Army in 1854, became Lieutenant-Colonel in 1878, and Colonel four years later. He belonged to the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry that also broke into rebellion in Meerut, and commanded the 8th Irregular Cavalry at Bareilly when they rebelled. He was also part of the British forces that seized and captured Delhi and Lucknow. Appointed to the regiment of the Bengal Cavalry, he led his regiment as Lieutenant-Colonel during the Second Afghan War, 1879-80. Thereafter, he served as honorary ADC to Lansdowne, the Viceroy. The revealing book gives much detailed information about the activities of an officer who was always seeking action, taking opportunities for action with the Guides Cavalry and Sikh Irregular Cavalry during the Mutiny. Being in Meerut with the 3rd  enables him to give interesting first hand experience of the outbreak of the Mutiny.  A lively read which names many of the key figures at the time and has forthright views on looting, reprisals, etc.          apr13/1

Hart’s Army List 1888 records his War Services:  Colonel A. R.D. Mackenzie served in the Indian mutiny campaigns in 1857-58 and was present during the siege and assault of Delhi with the Guide Cavalry, and with Brigadier Showers’ Column, in the Delhi, Goorgaon, and Jhujjur districts. Served with the 1st Sikh Cavalry at the siege and capture of Lucknow (wounded), and was present at the action of the Moosa Bagh (Medal with two Clasps). served in the Afghan war ub 1879-80, and was present in the affairs at Banda, Kuddee, and Boghani; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and was present in the reconnaissance of the 31st August, and at the battle of Candahar (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp, Bronze Decoration). Also served in the expedition against the Aitchakzat Tribes. 

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