Madras Amt & Civil Service List. July 1877 with an interesting provenance


The Quarterly Army List, of Her Majesty’s British and Indian Forces on the Madras Establishment, corrected to 30th June, 1877. Compiled for the benefit of the Ootacamund Lawrence Asylum. Printed by the Lawrence Asylum Press, Mount Road, by W. N. Moore [Madras]. 1877 1st edition 8vo.

[iii] advertisements, x, 345pp, 48pp Civil Service List, viii Index, 8pp General Orders of Government, pp152-155 General Orders of Commander-in-Chief 1876, 10pp General Orders of H.E. the Commander-n-Chief 1877, 18pp advertisements. Original red leather gilt with marbled boards, some wear to leather but sound. Blanks before title page have numerous tipped in cuttings and there are loose, printed and manuscript sheets  [see provenance below].  British regiments in Madras listed at this time are: 12th Lancers, 14th Hussars, 16th, 21st. 33rd, 43rd, 44th, 45th, 46th, 67th, & 89th regts. of Foot. Unusually this volume lists for all the Madras cavalry and infantry the Native Officers with their dates of appointment of Jemadar & Subadar [usually about 13 per regiment]. Details of the Hyderabad Contingent and the Mysore and Coorg Commissions are also listed. Officers’ war services are listed as in Hart’s. jun24/1

  Provenance: The title page has the ownership inscription J.B.Knocker. 9/7/77 and there are a substantial number of cuttings and notes relating to the career of Major General John Bedingfield Knocker who travelled out to Madras as  a cadet in 1842, joining the 40th Native Infantry rising by this volume to the Colonel Commandant of the regiment. Despite the seeming consistency of regiment he had a fairly varied career, He writes of being in May 1847 With a Field Force, consisting of a Detacht. European Artillery… H.M.’s 86th Regt. and the 37th & 40th Regt. Native Infantry sent to the City of Hyderabad & suppress a mutiny among His Highness the Nizam’s Troops.Mutineers return to their duties on the 4th day and F.D. ? Well. marched out of the City again. What more can I say? After a period as Superintendent of Police at Jeypore ending in April 1857 he saw active service during the Indian Mutiny in Bengal from August 1877 to May 1858 against insurgents at Sumbulpore.

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