Madras Presidency. Scarce original record of services of Company Civil Servants to 1858


Prinsep, Charles C., late Superintendent of Records, India Office: Record of Services of the Honourable East India Company’s Civil Servants in the Madras Presidency. From 1741 to 1858. Including Chronological Lists of Governors, Commanders-in-Chief,  Chief Justices and Judges of tje Madras Presidency between 1652 and 1858 as well as Lists of the Directors of the East India Company; Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen of the Directors; and Presidents of the Board of Control. Trübner & Co. [London] 1885 1st edition 8vo.

xxxv [the subsidiary lists noted above], 212pp, 88pp [Trübner’s Catalogue]. Original red cloth gilt in very clean condition throughout, ownership signature to top margin of title page J. Hudleston and a few marks by him of members of his family who are listed  in the book together with a note in the margin against Henry Chamier. Although modern reprints of the book exist original copies are few on the ground. nov20/5

Note: One of our illustrations shows an oil painted miniature of John Hudleston of Down Place, Old Windsor who is noted on the reverse as being M.P. for Bridgewater and dying at Bath in 1833. He is listed in the book as a Director. This in our private collection.

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