Prime Ministerial letter from Lord Salisbury to General Sir Peter Lumsden, 1885


A manuscript letter written on two sides of a small folded  sheet of writing paper embossed in blue Chalet Cecil, Puys, près Dieppe addressed to Sir Peter Lumsden, G.C.B. dated September  10th ’85 and signed Salisbury  thanking Lumsden for his letter but noting that there are departmental difficulties of a formidable kind. and that the immediate of the attainment of the result which you desire & advocate may possibly not be practical.  It may well be surmised that the matter in question is the Russo-Afghan border question into which Lumsden led the British Commission of 1884-5.      jul31/2    SOLD 17th July 2024

Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury [1830-1903] was Prime Minister at the time and also assumed responsibility for foreign affairs.



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