TYROL. A Geman folding map of southern Germany and the Tyrol, probably 1850s


Reise Karte durch Südbayern, Tyrol, das lombardisch – venetianische Königreich, Salzburg, und Salzkamemergut. Joh. Minsinger in München [Munich] no date but reference to Lombardy a a kingdom dates it to before 1861.

Attractive folding map, coloured in outline, 18½ x 21 ins [46 x 55 cm] unfolded, linen-backed and folding down into original cloth covered boards, 6½ x 4½ ins [16 x 11cm]. Decent clean condition internally but the old replacement spine very faded. It extends from just north of Munich south as far as Venice and Milan.   aug8/1

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