BHOPAL. A message of condolence from the Viceroy Lord Curzon, passed on by his Agent in Bhopal 1902


BHOPAL. A manuscript letter on the first page of a folded sheet of memorial black edged writing paper, 9 x 7 ins., dated 5th January 1902 conveying the Viceroy, Lord Curzon’s sympathy to H. H. Nawab Sultan Jahan Begam, Ruler of Bhopal on the sudden death of the Nawab Consort. It is written in secretarial hand on paper embossed with the seal of the Bhopal Agency in blue and signed J. Lang, Political Agent Bhopal. It was usual for such messages to be passed to a ruler via the Agent or Resident. The final page has writing in Persian and there are marks at the lower edge where it has once been tipped into an old album.  aug10/4

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